She Pooed on my Wiener (When She Came)

by MagiKool Doods

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from "Squirting the Magic (2009)


no matter what i tried , no matter what i did i couldn't make her come oh no!
Down at the pizza hut , fingers in her butt i even punched her in the guts.
i needednew ideas coming to me,cowboy hats and rape fantasies
, costumes a black guy named Tyree, vibrators on high speed.!
Months later i saw her again-did i mention she's crazy?
but really hot too. red head big butt and nice boobs.
we got real drunk we got it on again
doggy style now somethings happening
shes convulsing just like Micheal j fox but i was the 1 in for a shock!
she poo'ed on my wiener when she came
oh why did you do that? is that why its so hard for you to come?
cuz whenever you do litle poos come outta you?
3 coco pebbles stuck to the hilt of my wiener
in tried to play it cool and i told she was hot
i checked the bed for any brown spots
new dimensions were laid out in front of me
so i took a shit in her purse (just kidding)


released May 6, 2016
recorded by Jaci Rosemary


tags: comedy punk Davis


all rights reserved