by MagiKool Doods

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from"Escape to the MagiKool Dome (2003)


why does the phone ring when I'm trying to take a dump?
should i examine my chicken breast for lumps?
so many mysteries confound my simple life
am i too curious or am i just kinda dumb?
i dont really know
why are gy guys so organized and clean?
and do they get a discount on jars of vasoline?
why doesn't bottled water come in a can?
its so tough when you're a genius like me
you wanna put your finger in everything you see
except of course for dookie and sleepy little girls
i also don't wanna put my finger in your sperm.
why do my fingers sometimes smell like ham
why couldn't Lois lane figure out the secret identity of super man
why don't people eat more bug?


released May 6, 2016
recorded at charred dog haus


tags: comedy punk Davis


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